Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Disrupts Our Maps

Sam is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and this is the primary modality used in all sessions, whether touch-based or talk-based.  Somatic Experiencing is a gentle yet powerful way of releasing trauma by identifying where it is stuck in the body and increasing client awareness of their own nervous system, while supporting new patterns of functioning to emerge.  Somatic Experiencing does not treat trauma-based responses as illness, rather as a powerful and persistent attempt by our own bodies to self-heal.  Watch an introductory video by the creator of this modality, Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma.

Drawing New Maps

In Somatic Experiencing, the practitioner lends their own regulation and skillful observation of the body’s experience, while teaching you how to track your own nervous system and make room for a new narrative to emerge.  Sam believes, fundamentally, in the inherent wholeness and wellness of each client, and gently yet persistently stays with them until they find it in themselves. Sam offers the trust and familiarity of the terrain as an experienced guide and traveler, offering skills and tools that help each client write their own maps of their internal and external worlds. 

Mapping a Session: What to Expect

While each client will have their own path to healing, Sam’s approach starts out similarly for each.  In our first session, whether virtual or in person, Sam will assess your current resources and strengths, including the internal assets and skills you already have as well as the resources you have in your relationships, community, and cultural background.  We’ll work to understand and shape your vision of wellness, and get a sense of how much availability and capacity your nervous system already has.  

Any session, will involve some conversation and invitations to engage in observation of self or environment in ways that may feel new.  Somatic Experiencing is done seated and clothed, and touch may be offered but is not necessary for the work. If touch is indicated, Sam can teach self-support as well as coach partners/friends/aides in use of touch for regulation.  

After connection and trust is established, and when indicated and available, touch-centric sessions are available in person.  This is based on Sam’s travel schedule. Touch sessions are typically done on a massage table for client and practitioner comfort but can be modified to address individual concerns or needs.

Virtual sessions can be booked directly through the Contact Page.  Follow Sam on social media for updated travel schedules and availability.


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